Aldatu brings together musicians from Syria, Ireland, Germany, Spain and elsewhere to perform Sephardic (traditional Spanish Jewish) music, with oud, percussions, viola da gamba, flute, guitar, and voice.

Concert: Thursday, February 23 at 7:30 pm
Reception at 6:30pm

Omar Al Musfi - Percussion
| Eva Beneke - Guitar | Nerea Berraondo - Voice | Zachary Cohen - Viola da gamba | Issam Rafea - Oud | Catherine Ramírez - Flute


About Sephardic Music

Sephardic music has its roots in the musical traditions of the Jewish communities in medieval Spain and medieval Portugal. After their expulsion from Spain in 1492 and from Portugal in 1496 the lyrics of these songs were preserved by communities formed by the Jews expelled from the Iberian Peninsula. These Sephardic communities share many of the same lyrics and poems, but the melodies vary considerably.

Because so many centuries have passed since the expulsion, a lot of the original melodies have been lost. Instead, Sephardic music has adopted the melodies and rhythms of the various countries where the Sephardim settled in. These song traditions spread from Spain to Morocco (the Western Tradition) and several parts of the Ottoman Empire (the Eastern Tradition) including Greece, Jerusalem, the Balkans and Egypt. The song traditions were studied and transcribed in the early twentieth century by a number of ethnomusicologists and scholars of medieval Hispanic literature. 


$20 General Admission

$17 Casa de España Members


$25 for everyone

Free for children under 12.

Beth El Synagogue

5225 Barry St W, St Louis Park, MN 55416