Wow. I am speechless at the way the stars align sometimes. During a recent visit to Paris, I got to sample a menu of excellent instrument, among them this exquisite Hermann Hauser from 1960. Needless to say that ever since this wonderful recording (a collaboration with GSI and Scott Tennant) his and his fathers instruments have long occupied a soft spot in my heart.

The sound created by the spruce tops made by the Bavarian masters between 1936 and 1980 is ideal, in my ears. Powerful, clear, sustained and with an unmatched noblesse that suits baroque music, contemporary works and most everything I enjoy performing these days.
This fall, a collector loaned me his instrument, to use freely for an open-ended period. I am so incrediby honored, and thankful to him for granting me this opportunity!! I look forward to reporting more on the projects that emerge from this generous loan.
…with musical greetings - Eva

Guys!! I have a new roommate!! 1960 Hauser II, on loan for a year by a collector who shall remain anonymous. I am over the moon and thankful! Bring it on, next project (more soon..) #dreamscometrue #guitardreams #womenoftheguitar #odaat #gratitude #musicianlife