NAXOS: Complete Works Edition

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Sor Album Cover Naxos.JPG

NAXOS: Complete Works Edition


Fernando Sor (CD)

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FERNANDO SOR: Songs for Voice and Guitar
"These performances are anything but boring. Both artists find more sparkle and subtlety in these songs than I had suspected.(...)
Nerea Berraondo (...) her balance with guitar is perfect, her tone is warm and dependably beautiful. German guitarist Eva Beneke(´s) playing is also consistently beautiful, sensitive and expressive, with a flawless technical command. © 2018 American Record Guide
Released with NAXOS RECORDS on August 11, 2017.

Fernando Sor was one of the greatest guitarists of his era and his works are still extremely popular today. His songs, however, are much less well-known. They demonstrate the superb flair of Sor’s vocal writing, in three languages, as well as the variety of his virtuosic guitar accompaniments. The three groups of songs presented here (in addition to Sor’s setting of two patriotic texts) offer distinct styles of composition, ranging from arrangements of arias from Mozart’s Don Giovanni to the dance elements of Spanish seguidillas.